Investment Services - Foreign investments d.o.o.

Why invest in Croatia?

Strategic Location:

We are situated in the central part of Europe, with easily accessible maritime routes.

Government Incentives:

There are a range of financial incentives and benefits available to foreign investors.

Qualified Workforce:

Our workforce is highly educated and competent.

Diverse Growth Opportunities:

Particularly, the tourism, agriculture, and technology sectors stand out.

Please reach out to our company, Foreign Investments d.o.o., for details and assistance at all stages of investment.

As part of our investment services offering, we also provide individual services in specific areas.


Company formation services

We offer support and consulting for the establishment of companies in Croatia.

We provide solutions for issues related to:

  • choosing the legal form for your company,
  • selecting a name, the registration process,
  • opening a bank account,
  • registering for taxes, pensions, and healthcare,
  • and obtaining the necessary permits to commence business operations.

Business Plan

Creating a business plan tailored to specific needs and types of businesses.

We offer services for crafting and updating business plans with the aim of:

  • Clearly defining goals, strategies, and risks
  • Preparing for financing and grant applications.
  • Enhancing the planning and analysis of future projects.


We assist you in finding the best loan solution tailored to your specific needs.

We provide support with:

  • assessing the ability to repay the loan,
  • consultations with financial institutions,
  • business plan preparation - as needed,
  • loan application submissions,
  • review and analysis of loan applications by financial institutions.

Employment Relations and Hiring

We offer support related to employees and employment relationships.

We propose solutions for:

  • adapting the workforce to your needs,
  • legal and administrative matters in Croatia,
  • addressing hiring challenges,
  • assistance with legal documentation and workforce selection.

Tax Benefits and Incentives

We are here to provide you with a deeper understanding of the tax benefits and laws pertaining to foreign investors in Croatia.

We offer solutions for tax-related issues concerning:

  • questions about tax rates: profits and real estate transactions,
  • tax incentives: investments and employment,
  • Avoidance of double taxation: Croatia's agreements.

Accounting and Financial Services

We provide everything you need for accounting, from taxes to reports.

Our solutions consist of:

  • understanding legal regulations and risk protection,
  • adapting businesses to tax regulations,
  • financial planning and risk management advice,
  • adapting financial reports to international standards,
  • ensuring financial compliance with regulations,
  • accounting and reporting,
  • language support in English, Slovenian, and Italian.

Due Diligence

We analyze the key aspects of the target investment for a secure investment decision.

We offer a Due Diligence service that includes:

  • review of relevant financial and legal documents,
  • analysis of business strategies and plans,
  • competitive analysis.