Foregin Investments - Export services

Why Export?

Exporting offers numerous advantages:

  • increases revenue,
  • expands the market and opens new business opportunities,
  • enhances competitiveness,
  • diversifies operations and reduces risk,
  • develops the brand and increases its value,
  • enables scalability and greater efficiency.

To meet our clients' needs, we provide individual services focused on export support.

Our Export Services: Your Partner for International Success

We specialize in providing export services tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Our expertise includes export financing, the creation of detailed export plans, and ensuring legal protection in business contracts. With us, your business's internationalization is secure and successful.


Export Financing Services

We provide expert support for exporters in accessing the financial programs offered by HAMAG-BICRO and HBOR for the realization of:

  1. export credits,
  2. export guarantees,
  3. tax refund guarantees as an additional incentive for your business,
  4. credit guarantees for exports.

We also offer assistance in the realization of various co-financing forms through:

  • advisory services for determining a strategy for international market entry,
  • advisory services related to export marketing activities,
  • services related to product and production process certification for international market entry,
  • advisory services to enhance export capabilities,
  • participation in trade fairs and business meetings,
  • improvement of production capabilities.

Export Plan

Planning is crucial for successful exports to foreign markets. Our export planning service will assist you in all key aspects:

  • Defining goals for export and successful operations in foreign markets.
  • Identifying potential risks and challenges and providing strategies to overcome them.
  • Developing strategies for sales, distribution, marketing, and finance to ensure successful export.
  • Preparing for challenges and new business opportunities in foreign markets.

Contracts and Guarantees

Ensure legal security in your business contracts and guarantees with our solutions.

Our services include:

  • drafting business contracts for legal security and interest protection,
  • templates for export contracts, including international sales, distribution, and agency/trade representation,
  • preparation of customized guarantees and validation checks,
  • analysis of orders to ensure the legal validity of transactions,
  • multilingual support in four languages.

Post-delivery support

To sustain successful long-term operations in international markets, we offer post-delivery support.

Our services include addressing issues such as:

  • non-payment by the buyer,
  • disputes over the quality of delivered goods or products by the buyer,
  • identifying post-delivery defects in the goods.

Export advisory services for eastern european countries

For entrepreneurs from Balkan countries looking to expand their businesses into the European market, we offer export advisory services for the EU.

Foreign Investments d.o.o. can assist you in the following aspects of exporting to the EU:

  • tailoring the approach to your needs and goals,
  • familiarizing you with relevant EU regulations and standards,
  • ensuring successful operations in the European market (finding customers, export financing, and connecting with other companies and organizations).